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About CAIA

CAIA Cosmetics Asia - Makeup by Bianca Ingrosso

We strive to develop truly excellent products, not for perfection in life!

We see no reason why top-quality makeup needs to cost an arm and a leg! It is possible to manufacture makeup of the very best quality and sell it for less than the prices of high-end brands sold in the finest department stores. Some might say that our philosophy and approach is disruptive. Our answer to that? We’re just removing all the unnecessary middlemen! We’ve poured our souls into product development and only collaborate with the very best factories in the world. All our products are cruelty free and can only be purchased at

When you step into our world, you’ll not only be getting the best that the market has to offer, but also a piece of our hearts and souls.

We are CAIA!

XOXO // Bianca Ingrosso